Ride. Fearless.

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No spills.

The Taito comes with three wheels and a wide platform for a reason. And that reason is to keep you safe and stable as you whizz about your business.


Light up my life.

Along with LED lights and integrated indicators in the handlebars, we include an absolute life saver, the Rider Light, bathing you in a powerful red light from behind to keep you vibrantly visible.

Lose the vibrrrrrrations.

Fear no pothole. Cruise over cobblestones. Superior riding comfort comes courtesy of our unique patented suspension system and floating platform design.


Unlock your Taito’s full potential with the app. Mount your phone on the handlebars to be wirelessly charged as you ride and access a mountain of data along the way.

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iphone mockup
iphone mockup

Life long love.


The Taito is built to last. As well as its robust design, our huge service network and easy to repair features makes this a love that lasts.

Play tag with a friend.

Your Taito Tag acts as a key to your scooter. Use it as an alternative to your phone or to share your Taito with a friend. Like, a really good friend.


Specs .


500W custom build motor (1000W peak power)
Max speed
Max incline
20 degrees
*Depending on local legislation


460Wh Samsung Battery
Charge time
3 hours to 100%
**Tested with 75kg rider in full power mode

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